Micro Fiction Writing Competition Round 3: Deadline extended

We have extended the deadline for submissions.

Is Blogging Dead?

Someone told me that vlogging, Youtube, IGTV and FB/Insta stories were where it’s at nowadays. Could this be true? or is it merely a trend that will bloom today and wither tomorrow?

Mangoes & Monkey Bread: A Mum Life Success Story.

At Mum Life Stories we are passionate about helping women (especially mums) to discover their own true identity and to develop the confidence they need to pursue their dreams. Discovering your identity is all about embracing who you are, your personality, your character, your body, mind & spirit, your culture, your background and all the experiences (good & bad) that make up your unique ‘life story’.

My Place: Chapter 1 Of My First Novel

Krysta rubbed her forehead with the tips of her fingers. Running them down to the bridge of her nose, she applied pressure to the well-defined cartilage. Her meagre efforts to ease the throbbing headache that threatened to reduce her to a sobbing mess, were futile.

Tell us your Story!

Everyone on this planet has a story to tell, in fact everyone has many stories to tell. Inspiring stories, sad stories, happy stories, humorous stories, wacky and weird stories, the list goes on. A great deal of these stories involve a Mum or Grandma or deal with motherhood in general and these are the stories…


Today marks the one week anniversary of our Mum Life Stories blog! Yipee, happy anniversary to us. We are happy to say that this week we reached 350 views, received our first contribution from a writer, who was the winner of the first hashtag competition and we got connected to many different people through Facebook,…

Mum Life Micro Stories

Short stories are a great medium for weaving an exciting tale into a non time consuming format that’s easy to read and won’t steal half your day away. In this day and age with so much information and entertainment at our fingertips, it can be hard as a writer to retain a readers attention for…

FaceBook Hashtag Challenge, share your story!

To celebrate our new site mumlifestories.com reaching over 100 views in 48 hours, we will be running a 48 hr FaceBook hashtag challenge where YOU can get your story published on the Mum Life Stories blog. For 48hrs (3pm AEST Sat 11 Aug – 3pm AEST Mon 13 Aug) simply create a post on FaceBook beginning with ‘Classic…