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Hi everyone, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything. With so many people gaining extra “free time” with all this isolation and quarantine etc, it’s been quite the opposite for me. I had all 5 kids home all week for more than 5 weeks with the exception of the younger two being at their dad’s a few days a fortnight. The majority of the time I’ve been keeping the two rugrats occupied and entertained, and they do not understand the concept of ‘working from home’. If I dare take my focus from them and try to get on the computer or iPad, they insist they need ‘more food’, ‘more entertainment’, ‘more attention’ and just plain ‘more’, as I’m sure many, many mums (and Dads) can relate. They basically think they own my iPad anyway and so, me using it in front of them causes more drama than its worth, and my older kids commandeered my computer for their school work (until two of them returned to school this week). Apart from that, on the weekends while the little ones are away I’ve been working hard on my new business.

You’ve probably noticed a few DIY posts over the last few months, detailing instructions on how to make rustic bed heads & trays, etc from reclaimed wood. Well, I’ve enjoyed doing these projects so much that I decided to start selling them through the Facebook marketplace. My trays gained some interest, so I figured why not turn my little hobby into a business? So that’s what I have done.

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Reclaimed & Rustic

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to live in a treehouse. Not a literal treehouse, out in the backyard with one hobbit-sized room and a dangerously precarious, ladder. More like a house made almost entirely from reclaimed wood, surrounded by a forest of trees, far enough out of town that the only traffic you could hear would be the flocks of birds making their daily passings, but not so far out as to be isolated.

There is something about ‘wood’ itself, something that reminds me of what is important. ‘Realness’ and what could be more real than wood? It’s natural, it’s raw, it’s beautiful, it’s real. But wood can sometimes come across as something it’s not, if it’s milled too much, perfectly cut and polished up (much like a woman with too much makeup) it can come across as ostentatious and anything but ‘real’.

When I think of the word ‘reclaimed’ I think of wood that has been made beautiful by its experience, much like a wise old lady. Wood that is still natural and earthy, raw and real, but damaged, changed by its circumstances, full of character and charm. It’s old and used but so full of potential. All it takes is some love and care and it can be brought back to a glorious state, made even more beautiful by its brokenness and imperfections.

When I lived in Tassie I made one dream come true and finally purchased myself a king-size bed made from reclaimed wood. It was gorgeous and large and gloriously comfortable. Unfortunately, I had to sell it just a few months later to move across the country again, needless to say, I was devastated. I promised myself I would get my reclaimed wood bed back someday, somehow, but I soon realized the price tag was beyond my reach.

My First Project’s

Finished K Bedhead 1 in room (no.2 sml)

After browsing Pinterest and Instagram and seeing the amazing results people had had with pallet wood, I decided I would try and make one of my own. It took me a few weeks of procrastination but I finally got there. At first, I wasn’t sure if I could do it but once I got started, I realized it wasn’t that difficult and all it takes is a little motivation. Now I actually have something better. Something I made myself! I even enjoyed doing it so much that I decided to try and make some more things.

My second project was a serving tray like I’d seen on Pinterest. After building it however, I realized I’d made the sides of the tray too high, so it was more like a storage tray, and the idea came to me to create an insert that would make my tray versatile. Now it could be used as either a storage tray or a serving tray. I received three orders for these straight after I listed them on the Facebook marketplace.


Things got quiet after that due to many people losing their jobs and everyone conserving their money, because of difficult times. I kept making products though and decided to register my business name ‘WoodCycle’ (I thought the choice was obvious) and create an Etsy store. I have 5 products so far and am adding more all the time.

P.S. I recieved orders for around 10 trays during my Mother’s Day sale!


All my products are handmade with at least 70% recycled materials and I’m hoping to increase that to 90% in the next couple of years. I believe sustainability is so important these days and that we should re-use whatever we can, whenever we can.
I also use natural products as much as possible so all of my items are finished with either linseed oil, or tung oil, and sometimes beeswax. The stain is store-bought but I will be experimenting in the future with natural homemade stains also.

I currently make storage trays, serving trays, tea light holders and succulent planters. Planter boxes (including raised veggie beds and hanging planters) and wooden beads will be added to my product list very soon and I have plans in the future to expand into furniture, with coffee tables, bedside tables and bed heads.

The Future

I’m super excited to see where this new venture goes and I must say that it feels really great to finally be making money (however little it is) for all my hard work, it’s been a long time coming, haha.

Feel free to visit my store HERE and if you’d like to sign up to my store mailing list HERE, you’ll receive 10% off your first order, plus info on all my latest news, products & DIY articles, as well as exclusive discounts, and links to giveaway competitions. Alternatively, simply enter your name and email below and I’ll add you to the list!


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