Mum Life Fatigue: Causes and Symptoms


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Mum Life Fatigue: What is it?

Let’s face it, everyone gets ‘fatigued’. You had a late night, a physically demanding day, the guy down the street had a party and no respect for your slumber, you didn’t get the z’s you needed to be a fully functioning human being. Every person in the world has at some point in their lives been fatigued!

But there is one type of fatigue that only mums understand, one type of fatigue that makes you want to crawl into a deep, dark crater and observe the world go by. One type of fatigue that makes you lose your care factor concerning just about everything and be enraged enough to commit murder at the same time. One type of fatigue that makes you weep over every tiny little thing and earns you the negative version of the nickname ‘Mumma Bear’.  This type of fatigue is what I call ‘Mum Life Fatigue’.

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Mum Life Fatigue is more than your average ‘fatigue’. It’s what happens when you haven’t slept through a single night in 4 years. When your entire day seems to consist of changing nappies, bed sheets and outfits (your babies and your own. Wait…correction, you don’t get time to change your own). When you’ve rocked, bounced, cuddled and sang to your infant for hours on end and they still resist the slumber. When you’ve multi-tasked to the point of feeding a baby, reading to the toddler and hanging the washing on the line at the same time. When you’ve fed, dressed and bathed the kids, done 2 truckloads of washing, vacuumed the floor 3 times, washed the dishes, cleaned poo and crayon off the walls, picked up all the toys and the house still looks like a frat party hit it. When no matter how much time you spend on your feet, there still seems to be 10 more hours of it just around the corner.  When your afternoons and weekends are full of taxiing kids to various sports, activities, play dates, school disco’s, job interviews, shopping trips, hospital visits to remove various tiny objects from body orifices, etc, etc, etc and when your only “me time” consists of sitting on the toilet for 2 minutes with the door locked and ten little fingers wiggling underneath it.

All these things and then some, are the major cause of ‘Mum Life Fatigue’.


Below is a list of 10 symptoms you may experience while suffering ‘Mum Life Fatigue’.

  1. Your brain no longer functions at a low capacity let-alone an average one (i.e. you can’t remember the names of anything anymore, most objects become ‘things’, ‘thingies’ or collectively ‘stuff’ and nobody’s name can be recalled if it has more than one syllable.)
  2. Your always late for everything including your own bedtime, but that’s because you stay up till midnight in the attempt to get just a little bit of time to yourself without having to answer a thousand questions about why apples aren’t called ‘reds’ or ‘greens’ since oranges are called ‘oranges’.
  3. You spend the whole day using every ounce of strength to stay upright and conscious only to finally get into bed and be wide awake for the next three hours thinking about everything you did that day and need to do the next. Not to mention worrying about whether you mummy’d well enough that day.
  4. You constantly misplace your sunglasses, bank cards, and car keys and have to waste hours searching for them only to find them right where they belong in your handbag, purse or hanging by the front door.
  5. You forget what the outdoors look and feel like and the view of your lounge room and or kitchen is permanently burned into the back of your eyelids, so even when you close your eyes it’s like your still there.
  6. Your hair and face take on a permanent greasy appearance and the clothes you wear during the day double as pajamas because let’s be honest, it takes too much damn energy to get changed anyway.
  7. You have repetitive thoughts of killing, maiming and otherwise making suffer (and I’m sure we’ve all been here) your snoring partner in the bed next to you while you’re up for the 28th time that night.
  8. You break down crying in the grocery store because some old guy who smells like he hasn’t had a shower in a month, snatches the last bunch of spring onions out from under your nose, right after you discover they are ‘clean-out’ of your favorite chocolate.
  9. You keep calling your kids the wrong names and eventually give up and just shout ‘hey you’.
  10. You swear if your partner tells you one more time that they are tired, you will sneak off in the middle of the night, hop a plane and spend the next ten years picking fruit at various orchards around the world.

If you are suffering any or all of the above symptoms, you more than likely have ‘Mum Life Fatigue’ and should consider treatment.


How to get a good nights sleep by Richard Graber


There are various treatments you can consider if you are diagnosed with ‘Mum Life Fatigue’, one of them being sleep (this can be expensive however since you may need to hire a full-time nanny) but the cheapest and most effective option is to wait until your children reach the age of 18 and go off to live their own lives.

‘Mum Life Fatigue’ is a temporary condition that can vary in length (depending on how many children you are foolish enough or brave enough to have) and eventually goes away on its own. It is however hereditary (if you have any female children), and it can return later in life under the redefined condition known as ‘Grandparent Fatigue’.

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Our Life Stories: In Chapters


As our name suggests, we are all about life stories here on Mum Life Stories, duh!

I know in my own life, my story has influenced my views, my opinions, my fears, my goals, my dreams, my past, my present and my future. My story so far, has brought me to the place and position I am in today, with the attitude I have and the outlook I perceive for tomorrow. Good and bad, my character and identity has been shaped by the story I have lived up until this point, but my story isn’t finished yet, and neither is yours!

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I believe our lives are made up of many many chapters, all coming together to create a complete life story. We learn and grow through these chapters, becoming stronger and wiser for the next chapter. Many of us have chapters we’d rather forget, chapters that wounded us, chapters that broke us beyond our worst fears, but chances are those chapters refined us, made other chapters easier to deal with or gave us a deeper understanding or appreciation for those chapters.

If you look back on your life so far, I am sure you could find some chapters that have made you the person you are today. Chapters that if you were to erase them, you would not be so strong or resilient or determined. Chapters that were vital in building your character and resilience to the world in which we are all forced to face every single day.

Those chapters that you’ve already been through, could be the same chapters that others are currently facing, chapters which they feel they will never recover from or find a way out of. Your experience in those chapters could prove to be more than just a growth experience for you, they could be a teaching experience for many others.


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Your Chapters Could Be An Inspiration To Others

Learning about your story could inspire many, motivate them and encourage them to believe there is a better chapter coming, that no chapter lasts forever and that each chapter is just a small part of their complete life story, a story that is not over yet.

My goal with this blog is to share of and in the life stories of Mothers all around the world. To encourage, inspire and motivate Mum’s to discover their own unique life story and in it discover their own identity. To embrace and love that identity and truly realise their worth.

If you believe you have a story to tell, no matter how significant, that could help even one person to find hope, I encourage you to share it with us. You don’t have to be a writer (that’s what I’m here for), you just have to be able to write it down (or type it up) and send it to me in an email. I will work with you to get your story up in front of hundreds of eyes and into hundreds of minds.

If only one person is touched by your story, only one person is changed, only one person is inspired, I guarantee you it’s worth it. That life story you affect could go on to affect a hundred, a thousand, maybe even a million other life stories in the future. You may never see the effect but you can smile to yourself, knowing that your story is out there and one day, whether it’s today or tomorrow, someone, somewhere will read it and change the direction of their life story in a positive way.


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Let’s work together to keep one another on the path that leads to a happy ending!

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Are You A Single Mumtrepreneur?



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I know how hard it is to try and run your own business when your the only adult in the house, when your responsible for everything, from the food shopping, to the bill paying, to the making of costumes for book week, to taking care of every aspect of the house and garden work, and all the little things in between, so I would like to do a special article honouring single mums in business and help them out with a little FREE promotion.

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Write a short story (max 250 words) about:

  1. Who you are
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  5. How you started it (make sure to include any obstacles you had to overcome)

Then send it to me via the form on our T & C’s page. While your there, give the T & C’s a quick read and don’t forget to agree to them and provide in the ‘links’ box, all the links to your websites and social media accounts so we can promote them for you. I will feature the first 10 ladies to send through their stories, if there is more than 5 extra submissions, I will do a second article, just because I can!

Let’s work together to help single mums succeed in realising their dreams and making a better future for their children. That’s what the Mum Life Stories Community is all about, supporting mums in their Mum Life Journey to being all that they can be.

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Accomplish more IN a fraction of the time

The pace and intensity of our lives, both at work and at home, leave many of us feeling like a person riding a frantically galloping horse. Our day-to-day incessant busyness — too much to do and not enough time.

With this ebook you will learn to approach your days in another way, reducing stress and getting results through prioritizing, leveraging and focus!

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