“What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about.” ~ Julie Wright


Are you a writer? Or a mum with a story to tell? Do you have a true story or fictional story about a mum that needs to be shared? Well you’ve come to the right place if you answered yes to any of these questions. If you’ve got a story about the joys and perils of motherhood or a mum who’s taking chances, chasing her dreams, living in another world, curing cancer, sewing costumes for the school play, balancing Life (or not) then we want to hear about it. We want real-life stories and make-believe stories but they must be written in a narrative format.
Whether you’re a professional writer or someone who just likes to slap a few words together, all you need is a good story to tell. However there are a few things to keep in mind when submitting, so it’s time to read all the boring bits at the bottom for info on what we are looking for.
Good luck and happy writing!


  • Stories can be true stories, based on true events or works of Fiction. Please stipulate in your email, which category your story falls into.
  • Your story does not have to be about a mother per say, but your main character needs to be a mother/grandmother, etc.
  • All submissions are to be written in a narrative format (no poetry at this point in time, we are not quite that cultured yet but we will have a special submission event for this at a later date, keep an eye on the blog and social media posts for updates.)
  • We accept FlashFiction (250 – 1000 words) and Short Stories (1000 – 3000) words. This may change at a later date.
  • Submissions should be in .docx or .pdf format, in 12pt font size with the story title at the top of each page and the page number at the bottom left of each page.
  • Stories can be any genre besides erotic or horror (thriller or mild horror will be considered).
  • Please no profanity, graphic sexual content or extreme violence, such stories will be rejected. We want stories that can be enjoyed by everyone!
  • Stories must be your own work and you must have permission to have it published online. You the author, retain the rights to your story. If your story has been published elsewhere however, in print or online, you must provide information to us regarding this. Likewise if your story is published here and then elsewhere at a later date, please acknowledge that it was first published on our site.
  • At this point in time we are unable to pay for submissions, but offer exposure to an audience that is continually growing. Please spread the word to your writer friends, as the more contributions we receive, the quicker we can start paying our awesome writers. We have a tip jar on all our story pages which we hope will start collecting funds for you all soon. 
  • Regular contributors will also be featured on our ‘About’ page with relevant links to writers websites and social media profiles etc.
  • Submissions can be sent to but as a mum of 5 herself, Jo does not have a lot of time to read so please keep submissions to a maximum of one a month (not one per hour). Also allow up to one month to receive a reply and feel welcome to send a follow-up email if you haven’t heard from us in this time. We will endeavour to answer every email as soon as possible as your submissions are very important to us.
  • Please include the following in your email:
    • Your Name and Country of Origin
    • Title of Story and Genre (please stipulate if your story is a true story, based on true events or a work of Fiction)
    • Word Count
    • A short Bio about you (100-250 words) making sure to mention whether you’re a mum or not (being a mum is not a prerequisite), this will be included on the blog with your story, some editing may be done.

T & C’s

  • Submitting a story to this site means that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined below.
    • You are agreeing that the work is your own and that you have permission to reproduce it.
    • You are agreeing to allow to publish your story on their blog page and other pages of the site as well as being linked to posts on social media which are associated with
    • You are agreeing to minor editing by the administration of should any spelling or grammatical errors be found.
    • You retain the rights to your story so it can be published elsewhere (this does not relate to competition entries which will come under a different T&C agreement.) If your story is published elsewhere later, please as far as is possible, acknowledge that it was first published on
    • We do not currently pay for submissions but if you stick with us while we build a presence and reputation, one day you could be a regular paid contributor 😉

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