Key to my Heart

“That’s the key to my heart right there!” Liz nodded toward the screen which displayed in amazing clarity the outline of a tiny human skeleton.

“You and your husband must be very proud?” The ultrasound technician smiled, tapping at the keyboard.

Liz felt the sting of mourning return. The day’s events were a welcome distraction, but now fresh tears pooled in her eyes, threatening to spill over and drench her crisp white blouse.

“Oh dear, did I upset you?” The technician, a mature lady with dark hair, streaked with silver, handed Liz a tissue as the first tear escaped its shallow confines.

Liz wiped the tear from her cheek. “No, it’s just…my husband passed away 3 months ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”

“Thanks! When I found out I was pregnant I felt I was given a piece of him to keep. If it’s a boy, I’ll give him my husband’s name.”

“Oh, what a blessing” she smiled again, turning to the screen in front of her. As she adjusted the transducer on Liz’s abdomen her expression altered.

“Is something wrong?” Liz’s chest tightened with fear.

“No, but your chances of having at least one boy just increased.” Her face beaming as she pointed to a curved line hovering above the baby’s tiny skull. “See that? There’s another baby, hiding behind the first!”

Liz’s joy overwhelmed her and the tears she’d been bravely holding back poured out and flooded her cheeks. The key to her heart was now a twin set.



Jo Caddy is a single mum to 5 beautiful children aged 16, 16, 14, 3 & 21mnths. Between mothering and dreaming of being a published writer, her hobbies when time permits, include photography, videography, playing around with photoshop, theology, blogging & just about anything creative. She put many pursuits on hold for the last 20 years to attend to the career of motherhood but is now more determined than ever to renew her idle passions and make them flourish. So far she has won the FlashFiction contest on for her story ‘The Daylight’ and is awaiting results from numerous short story competitions. You can read her winning story here, and follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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