My Pink HaRe: A Mum Life Success Story

Esther Rodriguez

Esther Rodriquez

Esther Rodriquez is a successful business owner, single-mum and foster parent, living the dream in Las Vegas, Nevada. From a young age, she knew that success wouldn’t come easy, that it would take hard work, determination and perseverance to reach her goals and make something of her life. She says “I started beauty school when I was 17 years old and never once worked for a salon under commission. Since day one, I always rented my own station and ran my own mini career. I think that’s just always been my mind set and dream.”

At age 18 and right out of beauty school Esther found herself pregnant with her son Adrian (now 12). After the birth of her baby she began working part-time at a salon on the Vegas strip, doing hair and makeup for weddings. She worked hard for more than 5 years to build her own clientele and start her own business and for another 5 years she branded “My Pink HaRe”.

2 years ago she met a young girl on Facebook who introduced her to a product called Monat, a naturally based, anti-aging haircare line that promotes hair growth. Esther was more than a little skeptical at first as it was Direct Sales, rather than a shop stocked product. She decided to sample their shampoo however to investigate whether it would work for her clients and herself, as her own hair had been thinning out and was dry and brittle from chemicals and heat. Her hair and literally her life have never been the same since.

As a hairdresser of 12 years who had tried every professional product available, she was truly amazed that a product actually did what it claimed to and her hair and her clients hair had never felt that good after bleach, ever! She jumped over the fear hurdle, trusting her gut and pushing aside her skepticism of Direct Sales, joining up and going Full Force for her clients, her son and their future. In just 3 months with Monat, Esther had helped over 200 people restore their thinning, damaged hair and earned more money than she ever had in such a short time.

In just 1 year she saw her first business Boom because she conquered her fear and chased a dream. Her online direct sales business was a true blessing that she attributes to God firstly and secondly to the people that had supported her over the years and trusted her with their beauty needs. Due to her success, Esther travelled to Bermuda, New York City, Boston & Chicago all in one summer. Then she did something she never thought she’d be able to do. She opened her very own salon named “My Pink HaRe Salon Suites”.

Within 6 months her salon was nominated as ‘Best Salon’ in ‘The Best of Las Vegas 2018’ awards and to her amazement, she won! “In my heart, I know that one, God is amazing and two, none of this would have happened without him in my life and without me joining Monat when I did and going hard the way I did, because I believed and still do believe in the quality and ability of the products.” Her salon suite is now an exclusive Monat Salon Suite and they have recently expanded to a MedSpa to work under an MD and offer laser treatments such as Laser skin tightening, body contouring (which melts fat) and laser hair removal.


Life Lessons

While Esther’s dreams keep her very busy, she still finds time to give-back to her community. “I work a LOT right now. I run my Monat online business trying to help woman and men from all over the country who’s hair is thinning or breaking. I run my Salon Suites with some of the most talented and sweet ladies God has blessed me with to work alongside. I raise my preteen son who just started middle school and am also a foster parent for children in need. At the end of this month I will be getting my first long-term foster placement, which my son and I are super excited about. He is 9 years old.”

Life hasn’t always been a bed of roses for Esther and some time ago, a tragedy shook her world and shaped the person she is today. “About 7 years ago I had a brother who had an accident, went into a coma and passed away 2 years later. Before I lost him, I used to party hard on the Las Vegas strip every weekend. I sometimes wouldn’t come home at all and was a complete pothead for years. I partied like crazy, was wild and eventually got into pills like ecstasy. Things got worse for me while my brother was sick, I didn’t notice I was getting harder into drugs until the day my brother passed away. I realized tomorrow isn’t promised and I searched for God hard and deep and turned my life around as I found him more and more. I quit drugs and drinking and focused on God, his word and guidance, my business and my son. My brother is my hero and all he went through helped save me and touched many other lives.”

Finding Balance

A question I like to ask all my mums (as I struggle with this myself) is ‘How do you find balance (if you do) between being a mum and chasing your dreams?” Esther was open and honest in her response. “Balance is hard … I think balance is the HARDEST thing about it all because I feel with everything I want to do and achieve I need more time and everything is so super important to me that prioritizing is difficult. I won’t stop when I have things to do either, I will stay up all night working when I’m trying to reach my goals for my son or business.

Sometimes I feel that even though I rarely receive any child support and I support my son on my own through my entrepreneur (momtreprenuer) heart and mind set, I usually feel like a bad mother for not spending enough time with my son or at home. So I am looking forward to our new foster long-term placement so I can force myself to add more balance between work/business/and home.


Esther had this advice for Mums who dream of chasing their career goals. “Go in hard! Do it, give your all, who cares what people think, do it with all your heart and passion and to serve and help others, don’t do it just for the money. Do it because you believe in it! Stay persistent and don’t give up even when it gets hard. Just keep going and let God be part of it all every step the way.”

If you’d like more information about Esther’s Salon and services, visit or follow her on Instagram @mypinkhare



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