How Anthology Profits Are Used

In case you’re wondering where the money from the sale of these books goes too, there are actually a lot of places. So in the duty of full-disclosure I’ve included some points from our competition terms and conditions (and then some), to help explain.

  1. Cost of ‘printing’ for paperback and ‘delivery’ for eBook (About 20% of the book price).
  2. Amazon commission (Can be up to 60% of profits) – they take a percentage of the sale price which can differ greatly between countries.
  3. $1AUD of each sale (paperback and eBook) goes to our chosen charity in Uganda (see below).
  4. Admin costs, including advertising, printed copies for winners, as well as postage fees, etc.
  5. The next competitions prize pool (How much we make will determine whether it can be increased or not).
  6. Reimbursement to founder of the previous competitions prize monies (This will be last on the list).

So as you can see, there are a lot of costs involved in producing an anthology (most of which will not be covered through sales), and that does not include payment for the huge amount of work that goes into making it happen. At this point in time, all that work is done for the pure joy of it, and it’s so worth it to see the end product and hear the happiness it brings to all those involved.

Who’s our charity?

Some of you may remember one particular ‘Mum Life Success Story’ back in October 2019 entitled ‘From Poverty to Provider‘ about an amazing woman and her husband in Uganda, who devote their entire lives to housing, feeding and educating, many, many, orphaned and abandoned children. This couple have been a true inspiration to me about what real love and sacrifice is. They live in one of the poorest nations of the world and fight everyday for their safety and survival, yet they put the needs of others ahead of their own, every single day. You can read more about their story HERE and visit the website of their not-for-profit ministry HERE, or follow them on Facebook HERE.

$1 AUD from every sale of the anthology (paperback or eBook) will go towards changing the life of these children that deserve to live a safe and healthy life, free from poverty and oppression. Future anthologies will also include this promise, so every single sale counts.