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How to get more sales from your book!

Have you published a book and you’re wondering how to get more eyes on it? Publishing a book is a lot of hard work and there is nothing more satisfying to a writer than to see the finished product in their hand, but getting to the point of publishing is only half the battle, now you need to get it in front of people or how will you make sales? Here is one way to get your book in front of more people…

Why list your book with us?


Your book will be featured in our bookshop with all new additions being placed at the top, so your book will be one of the first to be seen by our readers (for at least a week, possibly up to a month) when they click on our book shop.


All new additions to the book shop will be promoted in the next production of our MLS newsletter as ‘New Listings In Our Bookshop’. The bookshop itself will be promoted through various advertising mediums, like our social media networks.


Your book listing will be linked to the site where you sell your book, so all proceeds of the sales remain with you. MLS has a growing audience of readers, looking for their next book to sit down with over a coffee or a cup of tea. Increased exposure for your book means more sales for you.

Introductory Offer! Save 30%

As a special introductory offer you can save 30% on our listing fees. This offer is only available for the next 3 months (until July 1st, 2021) and those who take advantage of it will lock in this price for each consecutive year that your book stays listed with us. All commissions/royalties from the sale of your books, go to you!


The yearly cost (until July 1st) for 1 book listing is $20 (30% off) and $30 (30% off) for 2 book listings. All amounts are in AUD so please check the currency rate before making payment.

Simply click one of the buttons below to make a payment, then return to this page and fill in the comment box below the button with your link and a short description of your book, which will accompany your listing.

Please read our T & C’s before making a purchase.

1 Book Listing

$20 per year (recurring at the same price annually).

Click the button below and return to this page to fill in the form.

Read T & C’s

2 Book Listings

$30 per year (recurring at the same price annually).

Click the button below and return to this page to fill in the form.

Read T & C’s

Photo by Hatice Yardım on Unsplash

I love being a part of the Mum Life Stories community. Being heard and hearing other mother’s stories makes me feel like I’m included in some kind of special club, that’s free to join!

Marissa Daniels

Mum Life Stories

Townsville, Australia

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