“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.” — C.S.Lewis

Let’s face it, no ‘life’ would exist without Mums and therefore no ‘life story’ would exist either. Every person’s story begins as a tiny cluster of cells inside a Mother, multiplying, growing in size and complexity, forging the beginnings of a beautiful, magnificent ‘Life Story’. A vast majority of these ‘Life Stories’ will also include Motherhood, for without it ‘life stories’ would not continue.

I believe Life is one big narrative made up of many smaller narratives. With Motherhood being such a huge part of our story, it means there are many, many, amazing, wonderful, deep, dramatic, inspiring, tragic, comical, scary, adventurous stories out there that remain untold. Stories that remind us that we are not alone, stories that inspire us to keep going, stories that make us laugh as we relate or cringe as we empathise with the darker moments.

This blog is about sharing a journey together as Mums through our Mum Life Stories. Stories that capture the heart and soul of Mums, the raw reality or the mystical fantasy, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the fact and the fiction. Join me in discovering the told, untold and retold stories of Mums around the world.

If your a writer or have a story to tell (fiction or nonfiction) and can weave an entertaining narrative (professional or unprofessional), please see our submissions page for FAQs about submitting your work.

I so look forward to journeying with you all as we discover one another’s “Mum Life Stories”.

~Jo Caddy





Founder/Site Administrator ~ Jo Caddy



Joanne Caddy, is an aspiring writer/author/blogger residing in Townsville, Australia. She is a single mother to 5 children aged 17, 17, 15, 4 and 3yrs. After 16 years of being a stay-at-home mum, interspersed with running a photography business and completing her Diploma at Bible College, she recently decided to return to her childhood passion of writing. She has written and produced a short film, a documentary and won a flash fiction competition on the writing and publishing platform sweek.com (you can read her winning story here). Her stories have been published in anthologies like ‘Sweek Flash Fiction Book – Part 3’ & Adverbially Challenged Vol 5.

She has a passion for storytelling and supporting mums in the career of Motherhood. Her strengths and weaknesses make her the writer that she is and her adventures and trials through life and motherhood are the inspiration that has driven her to write and to create this platform for Mothers around the world to share their stories and share ‘in’ the stories of others.

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Story Contributor/Competition Judge ~ Fiona M. Jones

Fiona Jones is a regular contributor to Mum Life Stories, some of her titles include ‘Mud‘ & ‘Tiny Green Apples‘. She is a part-time teacher, a parent and a spare-time writer, with work recently published by Folded Word, Buckshot Magazine and Silver Pen.

She lives with her husband and 2 sons in Fife, Scotland, where she works, writes & ministers. You can read more about Fiona here, in her Mum Life Success Story.

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