Creative Easter Activities For Kids

Easter is one of those holidays where one’s creativity has a chance to really shine. Along with Christmas, it’s a holiday time that provides a great opportunity for kids to really stretch the boundaries of their imaginations and strengthen their creative skills.

But as busy parents we don’t always have the time to sit down and brainstorm new and exciting ideas to keep our little one’s on a constant journey of new experiences. So I’ve saved you a little bit of time and done the research for you. I came up with a few creative ideas, and found some great posts from some awesome bloggers who have written about all kinds of creative easter activities for kids.


There are some great resources on Etsy to help you get creative and keep the kids entertained, and one of them is printables. From colouring pictures to drawing activities to printable decorations, your sure to find something the kids will love. All you have to do is download the pictures, print them out and let the kids enjoy them. Here are just a few stores that sell printables.





Crafts have been a popular pastime for kids throughout every generation. Here’s just a few ideas of some fun crafts you can do with your kids this easter.

Easter Egg Hunt

You can’t go wrong with the classic easter egg hunt. What kid wouldn’t want to go on a delicious chocolaty treasure hunt? Here are some great ideas to add a new twist to the traditional hunt.


There’s no denying, that baking with the kids can be a challenge at the best of times, but the memories you will make, will be priceless. Here are a few baking ideas to do with your kids over easter.

DIY Decorations

A budget friendly idea that will keep the kids busy, is to make your own easter decorations. It’s fun and economical!


There’s nothing more fun to kids than games, am I right? Here are some ideas for easter-themed games, to keep your kids having fun these easter holidays!


Thanks for reading this blog! I hope this post has been helpful to you.

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