Best Rustic Christmas Gifts For Wood Lovers, under $100

It’s no secret that I love wood, primarily reclaimed wood, and anything rustic or farmhouse in design. In my opinion nothing can match the uniqueness and charm that comes from a piece of wood that has been around for years, possibly even decades, passed from home to home, possibly journeying from state to state or even country to country, telling a story in every scratch, dent, groove or crack that comes with the knocks of life. Like humans, mature wood carries its battle scars with pride and becomes more beautiful in character because of them. I know, I know, “it’s just wood” I hear you say, but if you are a lover of reclaimed wood then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I figured that since I had a blog and I had a reclaimed wood decor business, I might as well get onto the gift recommendation bandwagon this christmas and give my fellow wood (and rustic decor) lovers (and those that have the job of buying for them) a jam-packed list of the best rustic wood items to give (and ask for) this christmas…or next christmas…or as long as this blog post is circulating, and as long as the items are still available.

You’ll notice that all these items come from Etsy, because let’s face it, Etsy is the home of the greatest handmade, handcrafted and uniquely designed items from all over the world. Some of these items come from my shop (WoodCycle) and some come from other fabulous stores across Etsy. Wherever they come from I am sure you will agree, they are unique and beautiful. Some of them are even on SALE!

Please Note these prices are in AUD, so they will vary depending on your currency conversion rate. All information is accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of publishing. Please refer to the stores shipping policy for information about shipping prices and times.

This post contains affiliate links which may earn me a small commission (at no extra cost to you) should you click through and make a purchase. Affiliate links are how I keep this blog running, thank you for your support.

Under $20

These gifts are great for when the budget is a little tight or you have a lot of special people to buy for! Each one is still unique and full of character.

Primitive Rustic Tea Light Holder

Rustic and primitive, these tea light holders make the perfect decorative addition to your country or coastal home. Handcrafted in Australia from reclaimed wood, they ship worldwide. From just $7.99 AUD

Wood Slice Coasters

Rest your cup on the perfect rustic Coaster. Sanded smooth and finished with a light sealer to provide some liquid resistance. Eco-friendly and made in Australia, they ship worldwide. From just $22 AUD (4 pack)

Personalised Acacia Wooden Chopping Board

These gorgeous australian made chopping boards are created with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Made from acacia wood with personalized laser engraving. 12 sizes to choose from and 40+ designs, from $19 AUD. Shipped worldwide.

Rustic Fence Paling Planter Boxes

These Rustic Planter Boxes are handcrafted from reclaimed fence palings. Full of character and so versatile, use indoors as a table centerpiece or outdoors as a planter box, or whatever your imagination desires.

4 Colour choices, and designed with or without antique handles. Made in Australia and shipped worldwide, prices start from $17.99 AUD.

Rustic Rope Hanging Shelf

Give your walls a rustic aesthetic with these wood and rope hanging shelves. Finished in a light brown wax and perfect for holding that pot plant, tea light holder or other decor items.

Made in Bradford, UK and ships worldwide. Prices start from $13.33 AUD.

Between $20 – $50

Step things up a little with these well-priced quality items!

Photo on Wood (50% OFF)

High quality and oh so rustic, these custom made photo pallets are handcrafted in Virginia USA. Choose your photo and size (6 choices), prices start from $21.63 AUD and they ship worldwide (free delivery within the states).

Rustic/Celtic Serving Platter

Handcrafted in Australia from reclaimed wood and finished with Linseed oil and Beeswax, this Rustic /Celtic Platter will bring character and charm to any occasion. Just $39.99 AUD, ships worldwide.

Personalised Wine Glass Caddy (20% OFF)

Handmade from bamboo in Florida, USA. These wine glass caddies make a rustic addition to any picnic or dinner table. 4 styles and 2 colours to choose from, prices start from $42.45 AUD, ships worldwide, but hurry if you want it before christmas!

Rustic Fluted Timber Vase

Hand crafted from locally sourced Australian Hardwood, these ornamental vases are made for dried or artificial flowers.

Made by a local artisan wood turner from native australian trees (eucalyptus/gum/jarrah) they’ll add a natural rustic charm to any space. Priced at $49.95 AUD they’ll be sure to impress!

Made in Australia, shipped worldwide.

Rustic Wooden Candle Lantern

Carefully handcrafted in Australia from reclaimed pine wood. 8 stains and 3 sizes to choose from. Great for weddings or interior rustic/farmhouse decor.

From $30 AUD, ships worldwide.

From $50 – $100

If you really want to make a statement, these gifts are sure to impress!

Wooden World Map (60% OFF)

The perfect gift for the avid or aspiring traveler. Professionally made by craftsmen from birch plywood. Comes with push pins so you can mark where you have been or where you want to go. Featuring over four contrasting shades of wood, it is a complex and stylish wall map.

Ships worldwide from the Ukraine, from $63.10AUD, 4 Sizes available.

Rustic Chalkboard Sign

Great for the kids, or a wedding, or on the kitchen bench, this rustic chalkboard is so versatile. Choose from blank or personalised, from $64.52 AUD.

Handmade in the US, ships worldwide.

Kao Bentwood Ring (20% OFF)

This wooden ring makes a unique wedding band or accessory. Handcrafted in the US from Kao wood to your individual sizing. Comes with a tub of wax for polishing. Various widths from $74.57 AUD, ships worldwide

Distressed Fold-Out Timber Wine Rack

A foldable stained timber rack, nicknamed “The Drifter”. Looks great in any kitchen and can be folded away and stored for those long journeys on the open road. Holds 6 Standard sized bottles.

Hand made in Australia for $69 AUD, ships worldwide. This item is currently in low stock so move fast if you’d like one for Christmas.

January Market Rustic Wood Riser

I think these are just gorgeous. Rustic, Farmhouse, Cottage, whatever you want to call it, the charm is in the character of the reclaimed wood. With a reinforced frame, it’s sturdy and practical. Display your flowers, candles, pot plants etc in style.

Hand crafted in the US, for $86.05 AUD and shipped worldwide.

Couldn’t find anything?

If none of these gifts appeal to you, why not check out more rustic gift ideas from Etsy!

Or check out the items that post direct from your own country.






Why not check out the other items available from the stores in this post?















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