Shortlist: Micro Fiction Writing Competition Round 6

Well, I can’t believe we are at the end of our series of Mother-themed micro-fiction writing competitions! Where did the time go? It’s taken a year to get through them all, with all the extensions we needed to implement, but I’m confident we won’t need to do that with our next series as we have a large amount of regular entrants whom I am sure will be taking part again.

Wait…did I say “next series”? That’s right, in the new year there will be another series of micro-fiction writing competitions taking place, and another anthology at the end of the year. The theme hasn’t been decided yet, so don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list (if you haven’t already) at the bottom of this post to keep up to date with competition start dates.

Now, I’m sure your all keen to know who made it to the top 10 for round 6, so I’ll get right to it. As always we had many amazing stories that warmed our hearts, captured our imaginations and took us on a journey, and choosing 10 favourites was no easy task, but here they are. Winners will be announced once they have been contacted and we have received their bio’s and authors statements, so keep an eye on your inbox if your name is on the shortlist, because if your one of our top 3, we will be contacting you very shortly.

Also see below the 5 remaining shortlisted stories for Round 4!

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Writing Flash by Fred D. White (Buy it Now)

Round 6 Shortlist

Here are our 10 shortlisted stories in alphabetical order (please note the order has no bearing on placement):

  1. Beans, ROSALEEN LYNCH, United Kingdom
  2. Herb Garden, MARTHA LANE, United Kingdom
  3. Mother Teresa, CLAIRE TAYLOR, United States
  4. My Patchwork Heart, LAURA TAPPER, Great Britain
  5. Never Forgotten, DANIELLE LINSEY, United Kingdom
  6. Some Superheroes Have Freckles, NICOLA DAVIDSON, United Kingdom
  7. Susan is There, RACHEL O’CLEARY, Ireland
  8. Swings and Roundabouts, ALYSON HILBOURNE, Great Britain
  9. The First Child, DENNY JACE, Great Britain
  10. When Nobody Came to Stay, DETTRA ROSE, Australia

Congratulations to all our winners, all of our shortlisted stories will be published in our very first anthology sometime in the new year and all writers will receive a free digital copy.

Going Short book cover

Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction by Nancy Stohlman

Round 4 Shortlist

If you entered round 4 of our competition (Step-Mother) you’ll remember that we only had 5 shortlisted stories due to a low volume of entrants. I promised you I’d find another 5 stories amongst our entries, that fit the step-mother theme, by the end of the competitions, and I have. Congrats to the writers of these 5 stories, that will accompany the other 55 stories being published in the anthology. 

  1. I Love You, But… CONNIE BOLAND, Canada
  2. Prism of Love, LAURA BESLEY, Great Britain 
  3. Slogging it Out, ALYSON HILBOURNE, Great Britain
  4. The Beautiful One, KRISTEN LOESCH, United States
  5. The Long Day, R.S. NEVIL, United States


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