Micro Fiction Writing Competition Round 6: Deadline extended!


*Please Note: This competition has now ended. Please see our competition page for info on all our latest competitions*

Unfortunately, once again we have not received enough submissions to justify a fair competition. So we are extending the submission deadline for another 10 days. The new deadline will be October the 24th at Midnight AEST. If you can help spread the word, that would be amazing and would help to get this competition through to completion and offer the writers the healthy competition they deserve.

I understand that the $2 entry fee may put people off and whilst I’d love to keep the entry FREE, I’m not sure my bank account will thank me for it. The entry fee helps pay for the prize money, but what’s left has to come from my own pocket, which I’m more than willing to do as it’s a pleasure to hear such excitement from writers when their stories are chosen for a prize and publication. Your very helpful contribution, of a small entry fee, will help me to keep these competitions running and if we get enough from one competition, we can make the next one FREE.

See the original post for details on how to enter HERE


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