Shortlist: Micro Fiction Writing Competition Round 5

Well it’s that time again, when all our contributing writers sit on the edge of their seats, quickly scanning over my opening paragraph (more out of politeness than interest) because let’s face it, your not reading this post to see what riveting words of advice I have to impart, you just want the list! The list that may or may not contain your name, the list that holds all your hopes and dreams in the balance, ready to set your day, your week, your month, on fire in a positive way and set your life on a trajectory toward life-long success and happiness! 

Too much?

Yeah, I just really needed something to put in the opening paragraph besides, here it is!

Now that you’re smiling, try and keep it up, even if you don’t see your name on the MLS Micro Fiction Writing Competition Shortlist below, your still a great writer and a valued contributor to this competition and you still have another chance with our next competition, starting in a couple of weeks. 

Without further adieu (or should I say torture) here are the 10  short-listed stories. Winners will be announced once they have been contacted and we have received their bio’s and authors statements, so keep an eye on your inbox if your name is on the shortlist, because if your one of our top 3, we will be contacting you very shortly.

This page contains affiliate links which may earn me a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click through and make a purchase. Affiliate links are how I keep this blog running, thank you. 


Writing Flash by Fred D. White (Buy it Now)


Here are our 10 shortlisted stories in alphabetical order (please note the order has no bearing on placement):

  1. Born on The Wrong Side of the BedSheet – LAURA BESLEY, Great Britain
  2. Grey-Grey-Ma’s Toes – MFC FEELEY, United States
  3. How to Become a Great Grandmother by the Time You are 50 in 10 Easy Steps – MICHELLE CHRISTOPHOROU, Great Britain
  4. Joint Effort – TZE CHUA, Singapore
  5. Sweetheart Divinity – MYNA CHANG, United States
  6. The Landscape of Hands – DETTRA ROSE, Australia
  7. The Long and Short of It – BETT WILLET, United States
  8. The Skeleton on Top of the Wardrobe – ALISON HILBOURNE, Great Britain
  9. The Visit – LAURA TAPPER, Great Britain
  10. You May Decide to Ride Elephants – NICOLA DAVISON, United Kingdom

Congratulations to all our winners, all of our shortlisted stories will be published in our very first anthology sometime at the end of this year and all writers will receive a free digital copy.


Brevity, a Flash Fiction Handbook by David Galef (Buy it Now)


Our next and last official round of the competition will open sometime within the next couple of weeks, so check back soon. If you’re on our mailing list you will receive an email notification when the new round begins.

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