Shortlist: Micro Fiction Writing Competition Round 3

*UPDATE: Round 5 has begun. Details HERE!*


Well, it’s that time again when all of our contributing writers sit on the edge of their seats waiting to see if they have been shortlisted in this round of the MLS Micro Fiction Writing Competition and I’ve kept some people waiting for an extra day, just for amusement.

Kidding! I apologize for the lateness of this announcement, I have 5 kids home all week right now (as many of you can relate), so weekends, when I’m down to just 3 teens, is about the only time I have available to post anything.

As usual, it was a tough decision but we have 10 awesome stories for our shortlist which I am about to announce. Winners will be announced once they are all contacted and we have received their bio’s and authors statements, so keep an eye on your inbox if your name is on the shortlist, because if your one of our top 3, we will be contacting you very shortly.

*EDIT: Click HERE to read the winning entries*

Once again it was a privilege to read all of the submissions but I won’t dribble on any longer because we all know why your reading this post and it isn’t to hear what I have to say, haha…and that is quite alright.

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Writing Flash by Fred D. White (Buy it Now)


Here is our 10 shortlisted stories in alphabetical order (please note the order has no bearing on placement):

  1. Beginnings – By Nancy Leinweber (AUS)
  2. Bye Bye, Big Boy – By Alina Kawker (POL)
  3. Double Mother – By Alyson Hilbourne (UK)
  4. For Auld Lang Syne – By Natalie Reilly-Johnson (UK)
  5. Open Door Policy – By Connie Boland (CAN)
  6. Second Guessing – By RS Nevil (USA)
  7. The One  – Connie Fogle (USA)
  8. There’s No Place Like Home – By Laura Besley (UK)
  9. Trilogy – By Michele Seagrove (UK)
  10. Why We Do It – By Michelle Christophorou (UK)

Congratulations to all our winners, all of our shortlisted stories will be published in our very first anthology sometime at the end of this year and all writers will receive a free digital copy.


Brevity, a Flash Fiction Handbook by David Galef (Buy it Now)


Our next competition will be open for submissions on the 14th of April. Click HERE for details or sign up to our email list to receive a notification when this and future competitions begin. Sign up HERE, or fill in the form below. You will also receive all the latest news, stories and promos (including giveaways and competitions) as well as a FREE Ebook exclusive to our email subscribers.


Alternatively, go to our COMPETITIONS page for info on the latest competitions!


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