Easter Decorations & Gifts From Etsy That You’ll Love!


Well, it’s almost that time of year again when it becomes perfectly acceptable to over-indulge in egg-shaped chocolate & an ever-increasing variety of hot-cross buns (Mocha are my fav). It’s a time when some of us celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and others embrace the magic of the Easter bunny, and some do both. However you choose to celebrate Easter, one thing is for certain, it’s a great time of year to get together with your family and/or friends to enjoy a meal and one another’s company.

As with every holiday, Easter comes with a lot of fun traditions. Chocolate Easter egg hunts, painting eggshells, Sunday lunch, etc. Some of my fondest memories are from Easter as a kid. I remember going to church Easter Friday, then waking up early for an Easter egg hunt Sunday morning before going to church again and enjoying lunch with the family, after which my sister and I would pig out on our stash of chocolate Easter eggs. We usually had enough chocolate to last a couple of weeks at least, if we were strong enough not to eat it all at once that is. 30 years later, the memories I made during these times are still invaluable to me and something I have loved passing down to my own children.

Unlike Christmas, Easter is far more relaxed and doesn’t call for a huge amount of fuss, you only need a few small things to bring the season to life for your family and in my opinion, nothing says Easter like handmade items. Handmade Easter eggs, Easter hats, Easter baskets, etc, etc, and what better place is there to find exciting handmade items, than on the world’s best handmade marketplace, Etsy?

I’ve done the hard work for you and found some of the best Easter items on Etsy to make this Easter truly memorable.

This page contains affiliate links that may earn me a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click through and make a purchase. Affiliate links are how I keep this blog running, thank you. 


Leather Boho Earrings (Buy it now)

Personalized Easter Baskets.

Nothing is as “eastery” as the good old chocolate easter egg hunt, but what’s an Easter egg hunt without an Easter egg basket to carry all those indulgent sugary treats in? These Easter egg baskets are cute and practical and you can have them personalized to make them unique to your child.







Easter Wreaths

Why not get festive and decorate your door with a gorgeous Easter wreath.



Easter Decorations

Who doesn’t like holiday decorating? Even if decorating isn’t your thing, you’ll fall in love with these simple Easter decorating ideas!




Serving Wear

Bring those Easter feels to the dining table with these seasonally inspired serving wear items.





If you like to give gifts to your loved ones at easter time (and we know the kids are always ready to receive) then these items will make a great impression on even the fussiest of gift recipients.



So there’s just a quick list of some of the Easter items currently available on Esty. There are so many awesome quality handmade goods, I could honestly list a thousand things and I bet each one of you would love them all, I do!

I’ll leave you with one more item that I thought was a lot of fun and so cute any kid would love them to bits. Take a look at these little egg warmer beanies! Aren’t they just adorable?


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