Micro Fiction Writing Competition: 4 Days Left!

*Please note: This competition has now ended. Please visit our competitions page for info on our current comp. Please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to keep informed of new competitions starting*

Well I hope everyone had a very merry christmas this year and took some time off to just relax and unwind. There’s nothing better than simply living, and enjoying time with your family for a few days.

A little time off can also kick-start those creative juices again, so if you’re looking for an outlet that could potentially win you a few dollars, why not punch that keyboard for an hour or two and write us an interesting tale. Just 500 words and you could be $50 richer and have your story published in an anthology at the end of 2020!

Just go to the original competition post for all the details, but hurry, there’s only 4 days left to enter and we need more entries.

You gotta be in it to win it!

Micro Fiction writing competition

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