Our First Micro Fiction Writing Competition: Cash Prizes

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*Please note this competition has ended. Please check out our competitions page for info on our current comps*

Well it’s finally here, the micro fiction writing competition I’ve been promising to organise for the past few months. It’s taken a bit of planning and organising but I’m finally getting a chance to get it up and running.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a writer and enjoy telling a tale then why not have a go at this competition. You could score yourself $50 (AUD) for first place or $20 (AUD) for 2nd or 3rd place, plus the top 10 short-listed stories, including the 3 winners (from 6 competitions, so 60 stories in total) will be featured in an anthology to be published by the end of 2020.


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This Competition will be the first of 6 Micro Fiction Writing Competitions run over the next year, ending with an anthology publication sometime between July and October 2020 (exact dates will be known closer to the time). Each competition will have a slightly different theme but revolve around the idea of Motherhood. The 6 different sub-themes are:

  1. Mother (October ’19)
  2. GrandMother
  3. Single Mother
  4. Step Mother
  5. Great GrandMother
  6. Foster Mother

The comps will be run in this order and competition start and finish dates will be released at the end of each preceding competition. Competitions will run for 10 days, judging for 2 weeks, at the commencement of which the winners will be announced!

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This Months Competition

This month’s theme is ‘Mother’ (October ’19) and it can be interpreted any way you like. You don’t have to include the word ‘Mother’ but it must be clear your story is about a Mother (biological, adoptive or otherwise).

Since this is our first very first Micro Fiction writing competition, this months submissions will be FREE to enter. Consecutive months competitions will incur a $2 entry fee (to cover administration costs).

Please read the competition rules below and then follow the link to our competition T & C’s where there will be an entry form to fill in with your story. Good Luck!

Competition Rules and Guidelines

‘Mother’ Competition Dates: October 20th 2019 (please do not submit before this date) – October 30th 2019 @ midnight AEST. Judging will commence on the 31st of October, with the shortlist and winners being announced on the 15th of November.

Open to: Worldwide (but must be written in English), 16 years or older.


  1. 500 words or less.
  2. Narrative Fiction (no poetry please).
  3. Must be about a Mother (biological or adoptive).
  4. No gratuitous violence, sexual content, blood & gore or profanity.
  5. Must agree to the T & C’s.
  6. Your story must not already be published anywhere else.


  1. Story to be typed in a doc, docx, pdf, rtf or txt formatted document.
  2. 12 point, Times New Roman or Georgia Text.
  3. Title of story should appear at the top of the document and in the file name.
  4. Your name should not appear on the document (submissions will be read blind so if your name is on the doc it will not be accepted).
  5. Click HERE to go to the form where you can attach your story file, or go to the T & C’s page and enter there.


There will be 2 judges, myself and one of our regular story contributors Fiona M. Jones.

  1. Stories will be read ‘blind’ without author names attached so as to avoid bias.
  2. We will not be giving feedback on stories at this point in time, apart from general opinions on the winning entries that will be published on the blog.
  3. While our opinions and personal taste will play a small role in the judging, we will be looking at the structure, form, originality and storytelling technique of each submission.
  4. We both have different tastes but will work together, discussing all elements of the story to come up with 10 stories for the shortlist and then 3 winners.
  5. All decisions are final and will not be open to discussion.

You can read more about the judges on our ‘About‘ page.


1st Place – $50 (AUD), published on mumlifestories.com, a printed copy of the anthology + digital copy of anthology

2nd Place – $20 (AUD), published on mumlifestories.com + digital copy of anthology

3rd Place – $20 (AUD), published on mumlifestories.com + digital copy of anthology

Shortlist (Top 10) – Published in anthology + digital copy of anthology


Click HERE to go to the entry form (from 20 Oct).

Go to the T & C’s page.

Sign up to mailing list to get a reminder when the competition starts on the 20th October.

Good Luck and Have Fun Writing!


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