Are You A Single Mumtrepreneur?



Tackling family life and running your own business can be really tough at the best of times, but if your doing it all solo, it can be like running a marathon adorned in a scuba suit from the 18th century.  I could liken it to working 3 full-time jobs. Your being full-time mum, full-time dad and full time Entrepreneur and there’s not much time for rest and relaxation, unless you count the 10 minutes of quiet time you get in the shower, when your lucky enough to get a shower.

I know how hard it is to try and run your own business when your the only adult in the house, when your responsible for everything, from the food shopping, to the bill paying, to the making of costumes for book week, to taking care of every aspect of the house and garden work, and all the little things in between, so I would like to do a special article honouring single mums in business and help them out with a little FREE promotion.

I’m looking for 10 single mumtrepreneurs to include in an article all about amazing single mums who are working hard to make a future for their families. I’ll give your business’ a shout out to help you get some more visitors to your stores/sites etc. All you need to do is:

Write a short story (max 250 words) about:

  1. Who you are
  2. How many children you have
  3. What your business is
  4. Why you started it
  5. How you started it (make sure to include any obstacles you had to overcome)

Then send it to me via the form on our T & C’s page. While your there, give the T & C’s a quick read and don’t forget to agree to them and provide in the ‘links’ box, all the links to your websites and social media accounts so we can promote them for you. I will feature the first 10 ladies to send through their stories, if there is more than 5 extra submissions, I will do a second article, just because I can!

Let’s work together to help single mums succeed in realising their dreams and making a better future for their children. That’s what the Mum Life Stories Community is all about, supporting mums in their Mum Life Journey to being all that they can be.

I haven’t forgotten about you Mumtrepreneurs with partners either, there will be another opportunity for you at a later time in another article. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on the call out. You’ll also receive our monthly newsletter, with all the latest news, stories and promos (including writing competitions and giveaways) plus a FREE ebook exclusive to our email subscribers.


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