Heartfilled Crafts: A Shop Review


So I’ve never really done a review before and quite frankly I never thought that I would, as the premise of this blog is about telling Mum Stories, but when I was asked to do a review by a lovely lady named Samantha Gurney, I thought to myself, ‘Is not a Mum’s business, part of her story?’ especially if it’s a creative business like this one.

As humans, we create out of our experience and our passion, reaching deep into ourselves to extract the beautiful expressions of our heart and soul. Our art or our craft is a visual representation of the journey we have been on, the things that have changed us, inspired us and motivated us. When we become a mum, our hearts are turned forever toward another and our artistic expression reflects this.

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A Family Affair

Heartfilled Crafts‘ is a small business set up by Samantha Gurney of Egham, England and her Aunt back in 2015. Samantha took a break from crafting and making prints to bring up her little girl while her Aunt continued the business, attending various craft shows throughout Surrey, selling her handcrafted items.

Now that her little girl is more independent, Samantha is excited to continue her arts and craft journey with her store ‘Heartfilled Crafts’ on Etsy. Samantha and her Aunt lovingly create handmade prints and crafts for your home or baby room. You can decorate your home in an affordable way with wall art that is instantly downloadable and printable. That is exactly what I did with the prints that Samantha personalised and sent to me. These artworks showcase my babies birth details in a creative & attractive way that brings life to my sons bedroom.

Boys name prints

This is just one of the examples of the artworks currently available. There is a whole range of artworks and quotes etc, like this gorgeous print below. Personalise it with your child’s Initial, print and frame!

Aprint (heartfilled)

Love this quote! It’s so true that it takes a big heart to care enough to put in the work that is required to grow and strengthen little people 🙂

bigheart print

Here’s one from a favourite Disney Character, one that many of us as little girls looked up to I am sure.

courageprint (heartfilled)

Here’s one for all our daughters out there. A great reminder to them and to us about being true to ourselves and not allowing the world or any person to change us or hold us down.


I believe our homes should be filled with the things that inspire us, the things that bring us joy and peace and encourage us to move forward, rather than backward. Wall art can be a great medium for both expression and inspiration, so why not grab one or even two of these great artworks for your home?

For these and many more great designs at super affordable prices, just visit ‘Heartfilled Crafts’ on Etsy. You can also follow the store on social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. 

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