Is that a finger?

You know your suffering from Mum Life Fatigue when you nearly poop yourself after mistaking an apple core in the kitchen sink, for a finger. Why I thought there was a finger in the sink, I do not know and why there was an apple core in the sink for that matter, one can only guess. Alternatively, one could ask the teenager with the “whatever” attitude who was rostered on to do the dishes the night before. Either way, there was an apple core hiding amongst the dirty cutlery on the bottom of the sink this morning and I thought you would all like to know about it. What any of that actually has to do with this blog post, I cannot say but I thought it would be a good way to draw people in and just hope they stick around to read the real guts of the story.

So I’m not too proud to admit that my recent hashtag challenge was a huge flop, obviously I should keep such grand marketing schemes for when we have a lot more followers. I’m obviously a blogging infant that’s still discovering how things work and I may need to go back and learn how to crawl before I attempt to run.

I believe my intentions are pure however in that I do not want this to be your ordinary blog where everything is about me and my opinions and my creativity and expression, etc, etc. I mean, sure some of it is but I want to hear from YOU as much as I want you to hear from ME and I believe there are a million people out there who would love to hear from YOU too. For now however, it seems I must go it alone, so I will continue to awe you with my #mumlifestories moments and fabulous fiction until YOU reach out and share with ME and all those blessing us with their attention. ~ Jo Stewart

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